Flashback Friday: Dr. Dre and UGK

Happy March 1!

Eh, scratch that. Happy Friday!

I bet that put you in a better mood. And speaking of good moods, enjoy a few old favorites from my favorite era of music – the ’90s.

Kurratulayn Law Young remembers that one time Dr. Dre actually released an album. For once.

Dr. Dre, The Chronic (1992)

Kay said: “One of the albums that stuck out to me when I was in college was The Chronic. I just remember knowing all the words (and still do). They were mandatory party music.”

Also check out:
“Dre Day”
“Let Me Ride”

Edward salutes Southern legends.

UGK, Super Tight… (1994)

Edd said: “A few weeks ago I shocked a bunch of friends when I admitted I had never listened to a UGK album. In UGK’s heyday, my region was infatuation with New York titans like Nas, Wu-Tang Clan and The Notorious B.I.G.; there was little room for anyone else. But I’ve righted that grievous error. UGK’s second album is magnificent – it makes me wanna throw on a fur coat and drive reaaaaaally slooooowly in a candy-coated Caddy.”

Also check out:
“Front, Back & Side to Side,” featuring Smoke D

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