Flashback Friday: Shai and Janelle Monae

Show of hands, who is ready for the weekend?

Now put your hands down. We can’t see them.

But it’s all good – here are some old favorites to kick off Friday.

Diane Hawkins mentions Cross Colours so you know she’s good people.

Shai, …If I Ever Fall In Love (1992)

Diane said: ” Picture it: 1992. Cross Colours jackets, high-top fades, Timberlands – and a boy band named Shai.  Even though Shai’s smooth, triple-platinum single “If I Ever Fall” was a hit in 1992, the lush harmonies of Darnell Van Rensalier, Garfield Bright, Dwayne Jones and George Spencer III continue to have a lasting sound. The lyrics also have a timeless message:  And if I ever fall in love again/I will be sure that the lady is a friend/and if I ever fall in love so true/I will be sure that the lady’s just like you.”

Also check out:
“Baby I’m Yours”

Edward falls in love with an android

Janelle Monae, Metropolis: Suite 1 (The Chase) [Special Edition] (2007)

Edd said: “My girl Desiree of Progressive Soul fame introduced me to Janelle way back when. (come back and write for us again, Desiree!) I instantly fell in love with Janelle, whose infection energy and entrancing voice won me over from the first note. This brief EP was just an appetizer for Janelle’s greatest work, which is one of the best albums in recent memory.”

Also check out:
“Sincerely, Jane.”

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