25 Songs of Christmas: The Emotions, What Do The Lonely Do At Christmas

Here at Soul In Stereo, we’re counting down to Christmas by featuring our favorite holiday tracks. Here’s today’s Christmas classic:

I’ve had a ball sharing our readers’ favorite holiday songs this month. We’ve heard some great tracks that spark lots of memories. And more are on the way.

But here in Soul In Stereo Studios, there’s only one Christmas song that truly gets me in the spirit. Ironically, the holidays don’t truly begin until I hear the following line:

Tis’ the season to be jolly, but how can I be when I haaaaave noooooooobooooodyyyyy?

It’s crazy that, arguably, THE most heartbreaking Christmas song of all time is the one that triggers the most warm Christmas memories for me.

This isn’t a song seeking the return of a loved one, or reminiscing about a lost love. No, these ladies know their man is GONE and there’s nothing they can do. And as depressing as that sounds, their voices are anything but that. The emotion, so to speak, they convey is so visceral. Listen to ’em scream “What do they do!? What do they do!? At Christmas…” The Emotions aren’t going through the motions – they demand an answer.

I’ve probably played this Christmas song more than any other we’ll feature this month. Yeah, it’s depressing but it’s awesome too.

Ladies and gents, my favorite Christmas song EVA:

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