Flashback Friday 2Pac and Aaron Hall

It’s finally Friday, folks, and it’s been quite frosty around our way. Here’s a couple of our favorites that are guaranteed to warm things up.

Javacia revives a legend.

2Pac, Me Against The World (1995)

Jai said: “I still can’t be live how some of the people I met while living in California practically worshiped 2pac. I can’t say I love him as much as they do but I always have been a fan because he truly broke new ground in hip hop with the content of his lyrics.”

Also check out:
“Death Around the Corner”

Edward remembers the guy who jammed with Teddy.

Aaron Hall, Inside of You (1998)

Edd said: “This probably will surprise most of you but I wasn’t a big fan of famed R&B group Guy. When it came to New Jack Swing, my allegiance rested with Keith Sweat. However, I was a fan of lead singer Aaron Hall and his solo career. Hall’s 1998 album is often forgotten but it contained more than a few gems.”

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“If You Leave Me,” featuring Faith Evans
“None Like You (Remix)” featuring Big Pun, Fat Joe and Cuban Link

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  1. I still think you’re crazy for not liking Guy!

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