One Chapter Ends, Another Begins

Change is good.

Change is also often scary and sometimes sad, but with it comes evolution and growth.

I started four years ago and I can’t believe how it has grown since that first post published on September 14, 2008. So to announce that has come to an end is bittersweet. I’m sad to see the conclusion of this journey, but excited about the commencement of the two new projects on the horizon.

Through this blog we discovered that Edward is a supremely talented music writer and I discovered that I am head over heels in love with blogging. And I don’t blog because it’s the cool thing to do, but as an art form, as a way to sharpen my skills as a writer and a way to build my platform as a feminist.

And so Edward will continue his album reviews, music news and even his relationship column here at Soul in Stereo. Meanwhile, I will focus solely on my blog The Writeous Babe Project, which is about writing and women’s empowerment.

I thank you all for being so supportive of these past four years and I hope you will continue to support Edward and me in our new ventures.

Writeously yours,


  1. I’ll support you two no matter what (as long as it’s legal).

  2. I agree with KarriB. The Bowsers are great fun and greatly talented.

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