Flashback Friday: The Isley Bros. and Coldplay

We don’t know how you’re spending the weekend, but your favorite bloggers at Georgia Mae headquarters are counting the seconds until the release of The Dark Knight Rises. While we’re watching the clock slooooowly tick by, here’s what we’re listening to to pass the time.

Edward hangs out with Mr. Biggs.

The Isley Brothers, Mission to Please (1996)

Edd said: “The Isleys are R&B royalty. Who else can boast DECADES of classic tracks? Their 1996 effort is probably my favorite Isley album and dropped soon after Ron Isley revived his career with his Mr. Biggs character. I’m still a little bitter that the set didn’t include the remix of “Floatin’ on Your Love” but I can’t complain – it’s probably their most well-rounded album.”

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“Mission to Please You”
“Let’s Lay Together”

Javacia goes to Britain for weekend selections.

Coldplay, Parachutes (2000)

Jai said: “I became a Coldplay fan by accident. And my love for the these blokes was sparked years after their debut release. Coldplay and Fiona Apple were coming to Louisville, where I lived at the time, and this was my chance to finally see Fiona perform live. But I didn’t know any Coldplay songs except “Yellow” and I’m one of those people who insist on singing along to every single song when I go to a show. So I borrowed every Coldplay album that a colleague of mine owned and listened to them constantly for two weeks. By the time the night of the concert arrived I was just as excited, if not more than, about Coldplay as I was about Fiona Apple. And they did not disappoint.”

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  2. Love this, Writeous Jai and Edd “bad-to-the-bone” Bowser! I can’t help loving the Isley Brothers’ classic: http://youtu.be/q1DDgNCLD84 . It really moves me. And JAI, Coldplay is just brill, as you young kids say. They’re like the love child of U2 and the Flaming Lips.

    However, having said that, if I went back for your Flashback Friday request, I just can’t EVER get over Mr. Bill Withers (from Slab Fork, W.Va, no less). He’s just too good. “Oh, my friends feel it’s their appointed duty…” Bless you, Bill: http://youtu.be/g3hBYTkI-sE

    And one more for you: Otis Redding. Mmm, mmm. Yes, “Tramp,” “Sittin on the Dock,” and “Try a Little Tenderness” are smokin’, I agree, but what about a lesser known tune about a bad break-up and an indelible image left in Mr. Redding’s head? : “You Left the Water Running” http://youtu.be/LNh8VVemyDA
    Ahh, I wrote a book about a Tuscaloosa student and in some ways, I think I wrote it for Otis.

    That’s all. I appreciate what you’re doing, Bowsers. GeorgiaMae is such fun. –Hunter

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