Edd’s MANtra: One of Birmingham’s Most Beautiful People

Oh lord, if y’all thought I was impossible to deal with before, wait till you hear this.
I have been named by Birmingham Magazine as one of Birmingham’s Most Beautiful People, an honor bestowed on selected residents each year. You can find the magazine on newsstands or online here.
Was it my dazzling collection of ties that won over the judges? Perhaps it’s my addiction to Sour Patch Kids that gives my skin that healthy diabetic glow. Or has my daily dose of Keith Sweat contributed to my ravishing looks? Yeah, it’s probably the Keith.
The Beautiful People honor is much more than skin deep – the true beauty of this year’s winners is in their community service. I was recognized for my work with the youth at my church, Greater St. John Missionary Baptist, and community service efforts I’ve led both there and at my employer, Luckie & Company. But I’ve had the pleasure of meeting a few of the winners and, frankly, my accomplishments pale in comparison. I’m honored to be included among amazing people who are doing great things in Birmingham.
If you’re in town, join me Thursday June 7 at 5:30 p.m. forthe annual Beautiful People Party at Workplay. Also, I’ll be interviewed by Will Lochamy of the Oh Brother Radio show on Birmingham Mountain Radio. You can hear the live interview on their site that evening at 6:30.
Thanks again to Birmingham Magazine for this fantastic honor. And I already have the perfect candidate in mind for next year’s issue. She’s a fantastic role model and molds the minds of scores of teenagers; helps local women cultivate their love of writing; assists a group of young women with their spiritual growth; and promotes sisterhood every week on this very blog.
You know who I’m talking about.

Beautiful, ain’t she?


  1. Y’all are both so giving. When I first read the blog post, I thought Jai was just being sappy. Xoxo

  2. Oh Lord we go hear about this for years!!!

  3. Well deserved by both of you! Congratulations!

  4. ok, I’m hatin’ LOL.. congrats man!

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