Why I Quickly Fell for Miss Jessie’s Quick Curls

I’ve been wearing my hair in its naturally curly state for a decade now and until a few months ago I had never used a Miss Jessie’s product. This may be quite shocking for you natural hair gurus out there who know that Miss Jessie’s is one of the biggest natural hair care lines around. But you probably also know that the products are quite expensive. And if you read this blog regularly you know my husband is a cheapskate (love you, babe) therefore I’m always on the prowl for effective, yet affordable products. 

Occasionally — usually around Christmastime — Miss Jessie’s has a buy-one-get-one-free special and back in December I took advantage and tried out a few products. This was a mistake. 

Why was it a mistake? Did the products leave my hair dry, frizzy, and full of flakes. No. Not at all. During my little Miss Jessie’s experiment I tried Quick Curls, which the company calls “the best darn quick curl creme period.” And, well, they might be right. (The container also declares that this creme is for “curly, wavy and relaxed textures, including white gals too.” Hilarious.)

Quick Curls smells delicious, blended with essence of ginger flower and lime fruit. More important, it defines my curls — without the help of second product — and cuts down on frizz. And as its name suggests, Quick Curls seems to work faster than other products I’ve used. But that’s not what got me hooked on Quick Curls. The reason I’m willing to shell out $32 for an 8 oz. container is because no other product I have ever used in my 10 years of being natural has ever left my hair so soft and full of body. Seriously. When I use Quick Curls I can’t keep my hands out of my hair and I can’t help gawking at my curls when I pass any type of reflective glass. I’m sure people around me think I’m ridiculously vain. 

Unfortunately, if I used Quick Curls all the time I’d also be ridiculously broke, so I’ve decided to just reserve it for vacations and special occasions. Here are a few shots I took during a trip to Virginia:

Naturalistas, what products are you using these days? 



  1. Not a HUGE fan of Miss Jessie’s products, but I may give this a try. Your hair is magnificent!

  2. Oh Javacia, give me your hair! I’ve been alternating between wash-and-goes with Tresemme Naturals Moisture Nourishing Conditioner and protective styles (twist-outs) with Totally Twisted products. I like both lines, but I’m really focused on achieving the “perfect” WNG. Maybe I’ll try Miss Jessie’s again, but I HATED the curly pudding.

  3. I can’t say I’m a huge fan of all Miss Jessie’s products. During my experiments I also tried the Curly Meringue and the Baby Buttercreme but wasn’t as happy with those products. I’ll still use them if I’m running low on my regular products, but they leave my hair feeling a bit dry, especially the Curly Meringue. But the Quick Curls is wonderful!

  4. And thanks for the nice comments on my hair, ladies. You’re so sweet!

  5. Even though your hair looks good. I just can’t spend that much on a product. The curly pudding and meringue turned me against miss jessie

  6. I’m still using the Shea Moisture line (at your suggestion) with a lot of good luck. I’m also using Salma Hayek’s line (got it at CVS) and occasionally just straight almond oil for my ends. My hair is so dry. Yours looks amazing!

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