You Have the Right to Remain Curly!

Jess McGuinty unveils the new look of Jessicurl at Fro Fashion Week

At the Fro Fashion Week conference she was called the Teena Marie of natural hair. 

When Jess McGuinty took the stage at the conference she immediately pointed out the elephant in the room: “Yes, I’m white!” she said, getting belly laughs from the crowd. 

McGuinty is the creator of Jessicurl, a complete line of products for us curly girls. At Fro Fashion Week, McGuinty shared her hair story, which sounded quite similar to tales told by women of color.  

“We’re more alike than we are different,” she said. 

McGuinty grew up hating her coarse, curly hair. Her mom, who had straight hair, had no idea how to help. And then there was Kenny Anderson, the boy at school who picked on her and stuck pencils in her hair to see how long they stay. Didn’t we all have a Kenny Anderson?

McGuinty eventually discovered and was elated to have found a community of curly girls who could understand her struggles. Unfortunately, she didn’t find any products that worked for her hair. So she decided to make her own and Jessicurl was born. 

At Fro Fashion Week, McGuinty unveiled her product line’s new look which features this new logo:

McGuinty said the freedom, confidence, and joy reflected in this image is, “how I want us all to feel about our hair. It’s how I finally feel about mine.” 

She said, “You have the right to remain curly,” quoting her company’s new slogan. “You have the right to remain yourself.” 

Reviews of Jessicurl products coming soon!


  1. Here’s my review!
    Jessicurl Too Shea! Extra Moisturizing Conditioner is AWESOME!! It’s got all the juices and berries that yield such an awesome outcome. I hated when I used it up. Made it really hard to go back to my tried and true Cantu leave-in šŸ™
    It is a definite must have for the hair arsenal!!

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