5 Reasons to Celebrate Being a Natural Hair Diva

Lately, my social life seems to be dominated by Birmingham’s natural hair scene. And I’m completely OK with that. Thanks to groups like the Birmingham Natural Beauties I’m filling my free time attending exciting events that not only empower women of color but also unite us. 

On Sunday I attended an event hosted by The Birmingham Naturalistas, another local natural hair group. It was founded by Keisa Sharpe of The Natural Hair Diva and is run by Marliceia Chavers

There were games and door prizes and Sharpe gave a brief talk to offer us ladies a bit of encouragement. Her talk was titled “5 Reasons You Should Celebrate Being the Natural Hair Diva That You Are.” 

1. There is no one quite like you. Sharpe told us to look at ourselves as an original work of art and that it’s silly to try to copy someone else. Interestingly enough, during the event I was chatting with a few women about what prompted them to go natural and one woman told me she decided to make a change after she looked around her hair salon one day and realized her ‘do looked exactly like everyone else’s. 

2. With natural hair you’ve discovered an authentic style that can bring confidence and boldness. Sharpe said that revealing and sporting her natural hair texture was nothing short of a spiritual experience. 

3. The variety of styles you can wear with natural hair is unmatched. 

4. The support you’ll find is absolutely incredible. Groups like Birmingham Natural Beauties and The Birmingham Naturalistas are proof of this as are the plethora of natural blogs and YouTube channels out there.

5. People are working on your behalf to bring you all you need to help you on your natural hair journey. There are so many programs and expos in cities across the country to support women who want to embrace their natural hair but struggle to do so because of disparaging comments from family and friends and for fear that they won’t be taken seriously at work. 

As Birmingham’s natural hair scene booms I’m glad to be on the forefront and always hoping that this is not a fad but a movement. 



  1. I recently wrote about redefining yourself – and think this is a very interesting journey you are embarking on. You’ve got me noticing more and more “natural hair!” In the past, I simply thought – “Oh how pretty, she has such beautiful curls.” Now I realize it is a bold statement as well as beautiful. 😉

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