Twist-Out Style

My husband is very spoiled. Even though I know I should, I don’t wear anything over my hair at night — no scarf, no wrap, no satin bonnet. To maintain my curls for second-day hair I simply pull my tresses into a high ponytail (or pineapple). He’s also never seen me in rollers. So imagine his reaction when he came home one day last week and I looked like this:

I’d warned him. I told him I was going to try a twist out so I would have several plaits in my hair that evening. His response: “I didn’t know that meant I was coming home to R Truth.” Who is R Truth? A WWE wrestler. This guy: 

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I am much cuter than that.

But my twists were not neat and cute like those I’ve seen on other naturalistas such as Mae from Natural Chica:

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After co-washing my hair and combing through Jane Carter Solution Curl Defining Cream, I didn’t carefully part my tresses; I just sort of haphazardly grabbed sections of my hair and twisted them. In the end I had about 10 twists. I did this four hours before I went to sleep to make sure my hair wasn’t still wet by bedtime. That night (and at the gym the following morning) I kept my twists covered with a scarf. 

Here is the result:

My cousin/BFF whose hair is very similar to mine tried this and said her hair didn’t look any different from usual. That wasn’t the case for me. Though I’m not sure if the photo above conveys this, I found that the twists did change my curl pattern a bit (making my curls looser) and, therefore, gave me a slightly different look from my usual wash-and-go. Having to only undo my twists the next morning also saved a lot of time getting ready for the day, which I loved.  

This picture was taken early that morning. As the day progressed, my hair became more voluminous, which I didn’t mind, but also very frizzy, which I did mind. That morning I applied a blend of oils to my hair but that didn’t seem to prevent that afternoon frizz. So now I’m in search of the right product to use on my hair after I untwist it. Any suggestions? 



  1. I’d like to add my hair did look a bit different on the second try. Because I did tight twists. It resulted in my already tight curls being even tighter making my hair shorter. So short someone asked if I cut my hair LOL.

    This weekend I plan to do a braid out!

    I think if you use something like Eco Styler or KKCC it may prevent frizz and hold better.

  2. I’ve been wanting to try Eco Styler. Do you know where I can find that in Birmingham?

  3. Dang! He is spoiled! My wife wears those satin bonnet caps sometimes and I despise them…
    I call them lunchroom lady hats, LOL.

  4. Ha! Lunchroom lady hats!

  5. Yeah Stanley I guess I shouldn’t complain. At least she doesn’t go to bed looking like Big Worm from Friday.

  6. Mousse works get for the frizz. Also to achieve the outcome you covet is based on how you take your twist down. if you just separate the two strands, there will be more definition of the twists but if you separate the hair of each portion of the twist creates more volume. BUT mousse has helped with my frizz. I also retwist at night, not with the same amount of twist, it just all depends. if I do retwist, i spray with an oil/water combo that i’ve put in a spray bottle, add some mousse and got to bed….of course covering with a satin cap.
    Hope that Helps

  7. Valerie, I used mousse when I first went natural long ago and it often left my hair sticky and hard. But perhaps the formulas have changed since then. What kind do you use?

  8. I love Garnier. I use their clarifying shampoo and the condition works so well so I decided to try their mousse. I tried mousse when I had a relaxer and it was horrible. Tried it again during my transition, and again not so great. But now, it works very well. No crunch at all. My hair is still soft but no frizz.

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