Monday Motivation: In the Closet

If you think my closet is this clean, you obviously don’t know me well.
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I spent most of the afternoon yesterday organizing my closet — something I’d been putting off for weeks, actually months. I’m married to Edward Bowser, a man who owns so many suits he’s lost count, a dress shirt in any color you can imagine, and a pair of pants to go with each one. Therefore, I don’t have much closet space. Couple that with the fact that our dresser drawers are ridiculously shallow, the result is an unsightly pile of clothing by the side of my bed, another pile on the floor of my side of the closet, and dressers drawers so stuffed they won’t close. Meanwhile, Edd’s side of the closet and dresser are perfectly organized and therefore lowering my self esteem.

I’d been dreading organizing my wardrobe because I thought it would take several hours to try to find a place for everything. I looked at the job ahead of me and sighed, knowing that I’d be up until midnight trying to complete this mammoth of project. As I went through my clothes I kept finding jackets, sweaters, dresses, pants and tops I hadn’t worn in years, but I’d held on to these items “just in case.” Just in case of what, I couldn’t tell you. But I’d moved these clothes across state lines and time zones nonetheless. But yesterday I decided to simply let them go. I filled two huge garbage bags with clothes and then I moved on and finished organizing my closet before dinner time. 

Standing there in my now nice and neat closet it I realized I’d just learned a life lesson. When we let go of the junk we’ve been carrying around for years, things for which we clearly have no use, it’s easier to move on, it’s easier to get the job done — whatever that job may be. This week take some time figure out what you need to let go of in order to move on. And while you’re thinking, clean out your closet. 



  1. Girl you should see my closet. It’s a hot mess on wheels! I am trying… :0)

  2. Great Post! But I still have no plans to clean out my closet LOL

  3. That was me a few months ago, when I was finally going through the last of the clothes from our last move. When I set aside everything that didn’t fit or that I just didn’t wear anymore, I had seven boxes of clothes saved for a yard sale (and later donated, because I just couldn’t be bothered to sell them). Most of them had moved with me at least three times–and each time, I took them out, tried them on, came up with an excuse to keep them, and packed them away, never to be seen again until the next apartment. Now when I get ready, I know that everything fits and flatters and works with my other clothes, so I can direct my attention to other things. And there’s a metaphor in there somewhere.

    That said, you can pry my possibly excessive purse collection from my cold, dead hands.

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