Flashback Friday: Sisqo & Fiona Apple

Happy Friday! What ‘chu listening to?

@artblt submitted this gem via Twitter:

Sisqo, Unleash the Dragon (1999)

@artblt said, “not only R the vocals HOT, but it’s still rockable! #realmusic.” Poor Sisqo has become a punchline these days, but look beyond the ridiculous hair and you’ll find an artist with amazing vocals and showmanship. No, he didn’t become the Michael Jackson of the new millennium as some poor souls predicted but he absolutely RULED the spring and summer of 2000.

Go on and say it, you know you want to: “Thong-th-thong-thong-thong”

Also check out:

“Thong Song”

“So Sexual”

What’s Javacia playing?:

Fiona Apple, Tidal (1996) 

Jai said: The line “singing my life with his words” from the famous song “Killing Me Softly” is a phrase that always makes me think of Fiona Apple. Ms. Apple seems to have a song for every scenario and situation I tackled in the tumultuous love life I led before Edward and I got hitched.  And even when she sings of something I’ve never experienced the song still becomes relatable as she pulls you in with her masterful storytelling and poetic lyrics. It’s safe to say Fiona Apple is my favorite songwriter, period, and probably always will be. Today I’m listening to Tidal, the album that began our love affair. 

Also check out:

“Slow Like Honey”

“Sleep to Dream”

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  1. The thing about music is that it connects people. I have heard of Fiona Apple, but never listened to her music. Now, I HAVE to check her out. As for Sisqo…let’s just say the other half of ArtBLT was in love with him at one point. He always was a great singer and performer. We still rock Dru Hill every now and again.

  2. Thanks y’all!! We got some hot tunes TODAY! :0) I will be a Sisqo/Dru Hill fan until I leave this Earth. LOL. You can’t deny true talent…he/they are top on my R&B list. Pure sangin’!

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