Flashback Friday: Timbaland & Magoo and Love Jones Soundtrack

There’s nothing like discovering good, new music – which is why we love Desiree’s Progressive Soul Mondays. But each Friday at Georgia Mae headquarters, we reach into our music archives and listen to long-forgotten albums. We decided to share that experience with you.

Every Friday, we’ll share an older album that paves the way for our weekend. We invite you to do the same.

Let’s see what Edward is rocking:

Timbaland &Magoo, Indecent Proposal (2001)

Friends and readers often give me a hard time for being too critical of music. They love reminding me that music isn’t always about hitting a perfect pitch or empowering lyrics that change the world. Music sometimes can be silly, mindless fun. I’ll admit I often approach music like a math problem, but when I let my inhibitions go, I turn to Tim and Magoo.

Sure, the lyrics are infantile but they’re also hilarious. Add a few high-profile guests (Jay-Z, Aaliyah,  a fresh-faced Ludacris) and some of the best beats Tim has ever created and you have the perfect party starter. See, even I can loosen up. Sometimes.

Check out:

Party People, featuring Jay-Z and Twista
Considerate Brotha, featuring Ludacris

Let’s check out what Javacia’s listening to this weekend:

Love Jones Soundtrack (1997)

Remember when black movies were really, really good and didn’t all center on a man dressed in a wig and a fat suit? Movies like Love & Basketball and The Best Man still seem to never get old and the icing on the cake was that fact that back in the day black films always had amazing soundtracks. This was certainly the case with that of Nia Long/Larenz Tate flick Love Jones

With spoken word performances from the movie opening and closing the collection, this album serves up one sultry track after another from stars like Maxwell and underrated artists such as Trina Broussard. Add folks like Lauryn Hill and a track by jazz legends Duke Ellington and John Coltrane, and surely you have a hit on your hands. The Love Jones soundtrack is the perfect way to kick off a romantic weekend with your boo. Unfortunately, I’m going to spend my weekend getting cozy with research papers that I have to grade, but these slow jams will help me unwind nonetheless. 

Check out:
“Sweetest Thing,” Lauryn Hill 
“Sumthin’ Sumthin’ (Mellosmoothe Cut), Maxwell

Now, it’s your turn. Email us, hit us up on Twitter, or stop by the comments section and share your Flashback Friday album. Leave a couple of sentences describing what makes it so great. We’ll feature your album on the blog.



  1. Javacia and I used to sing, recite, and groove to everything on the Love Jones soundtrack!!! Love it!!!!!! And as far as Timbaland and Magoo goes, well. . .Up jump the boogie, the boogie jumps me!!!!

  2. Audacity, I’m so glad you commented on this. I think of you every time I listen to that CD! Those were the days. It’s quite fitting that I’m attending ASFA graduation tonight.

  3. My Friday flashback album is Jon B’s Cool Relax. His sophomore effort solidified him as a blue-eyed soul artist!

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