Every woman needs a “Little Black Dress”

Cerissa Brown (left) with her co-director Gladys Brown

Cerissa Brown of Birmingham, Ala.,  admits to once being a homebody. She used to spend most of her time with her mother and her 10-year-old daughter and though she’s lived in Birmingham all her life, she could never tell you what was going on in the city.
“But after my 30th birthday I starting feeling like my life was in rut and I was always bored,” Brown said. She started searching websites and social media networks like Facebook for things to do and stumbled upon the Little Black Dress Club, a women’s social network with chapters in cities across the nation that boasts a “penchant for out-of-the-box ideas” according to the official website. Eager to be part of the group, Brown contacted the Little Black Dress Club for information on joining the Birmingham chapter only to learn that there was no LBDC in the Magic City. The organization wanted to know if Brown knew someone who’d be willing to start and serve as director of the Birmingham chapter.
“I’m extremely shy and didn’t think I could handle being a director so I started pressuring some of my outgoing friends to become the director, but no one wanted the responsibility,” Brown said. But she just couldn’t stop thinking about LBDC and how it would be a great organization for the women of Birmingham. “Finally I emailed LBDC’s CEO Christine Zellers and said I want to do this.”
The Birmingham chapter launched in February with a fabulous party at Cajun Steamer Bar & Grill in Trussville. 
Click here to read my interview with Brown for Urbanham.com. 
Are you interested in the Little Black Dress Club, but you don’t live in Birmingham? No worries. Visit the LBDC website at www.lbdclub.com to find a chapter in your city or for information on how to start one. 


  1. I never heard of this group! This is a great group for women such as myself that are always in need of an “event,” and looking to meet new people.

  2. Yes, I’m looking forward to attending one of their events soon, too.

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