Love Letters: The Runaway Groom

In just a couple of days, the wifey and I will be celebrating our fifth year of marriage. And commemorate that blessed event, today I’m going to discuss… uh… heartbreak.

Let’s postpone the lovey-dovey stuff for a couple of days, OK?

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Here’s today’s question:

Why is it that men never marry women they have been with for years or women they have kids with but they marry women they haven’t even been with for a minute instead?

Ditched for The New Chick

I hear situations like this all the time and it baffles me that some women can’t grasp what’s going on. Guess that’s why I’m here.

Ladies, if you have been with the same guy for years, have procreated with him multiple times and he still won’t commit, that’s not a relationship – that’s long term sperm donation.

As long as he has free reign to do whatever he wants – commitment free – he will continue to do so. There is no incentive for him to settle down. And frankly, why would a woman want a man who refuses to make a long term commitment to her or her children?

There should be no surprise when something more inticing grabs his attention and he runs off. To quote a very bad movie:

And the woman can’t place too much blame on the guy. True, he may have led his ex on, but after years with no progress why didn’t she get the hint? Running off and marrying someone else may seem out of the blue to the freshly-dumped woman, but to the new groom he was just cutting ties to a meaningless relationship. From his point of view he did nothing wrong, he just moved on.

Ladies, if your man doesn’t treat his relationship seriously it’s because he’s not invested. Stop fooling yourselves – and don’t be surprised when he runs off.


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