Progressive Soul Mondays: Adrianne Archie

While attending an outing dubbed “Jacob’s Ladder: A Taste of Christian Nightlife”, I discovered a genre of music that I didn’t even know existed — neo-soul gospel.  This made me VERY excited because in the quest to filter what I listen to and watch, I found that some of the artists that I enjoyed listening to have lyrics that are very carnal in nature. This also got the wheels turning as far as Progressive Soul Mondays and inspired me to share some of these artists with you guys! This week’s artist is Adrianne Archie. 

Based in Louisville, Ky, Archie started singing at conventions and in churches, plays and talent shows as early as age 6. After college she began working with the independent label Soul LinQ Productions. Drawing from genre influences such as gospel, hip-hop, R&B and neo-soul, Archie reaches a wide range of listeners. She has released three albums. 

I hope you enjoy her music as much as I do. 

Progressive Soul Mondays: Opening Minds and Erradicating foolery, coonery, and buffoonery one Monday at a time­­®

— Desiree
(Javacia Harris Bowser contributed to this story.)

“What a Fellowship

“Push Myself” 


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