2010: The Year That Could Have Sucked But Didn’t

I’ve mentioned before that Edd loves Christmas and each year he can’t wait to not only decorate our place and put up the tree, but also send Christmas cards. I sign my name on each one while grumbling about all the money we’re spending on stamps and how sending out so much snail mail is bad for the environment. (I’m a joy to be around during the holidays.)

But deep down I actually admire that he does this. So for years I’ve been saying I’m going to send Christmas letters to family and friends. However, if you’re my family member or friend you know that’s never happened, until now, sort of. Here I present an open Christmas letter to our Georgia Mae family.

Dear loyal readers and road dawgs,

In the Bowser household 2010 is known as the year that could have sucked but didn’t. Things started off as terrible and tumultuous as 2009 ended. Edd still didn’t have a full-time job and was only freelancing. I had a job, but hated it. Our ghetto apartment complex was driving us mad and we still hadn’t found a church.

In February after freelancing for the company since October of 2009 Edd was hired full time at a cutting edge, forward thinking advertising agency with clients like Little Debbie and Regions Bank. He quickly adjusted to the new gig and is making a name for himself at the agency.

In May my car was totaled while parked in front of the ghetto apartment, but this turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Not only did I get a new car (thanks, AllState!) but the crash gave us the push we needed to say enough is enough and break our lease and find a new place, which we absolutely love.

We also eventually found not one church but two. You see, Edd and I want very different things from our houses of worship. We tried to find a church with which we’d both be happy, but to no avail. But during the search we each found a church that was a perfect fit, it just wasn’t the same church. We know that it’s very nontraditional for a married couple to attend separate churches, but we aren’t exactly traditional. We do things our way and it works!

Finally, with a year of teaching under my belt, I returned to the classroom this fall with the confidence and competence to make for a very successful semester. I’ve never had so much fun at work!

To top it all off, you guys have shown us much love. Georgia Mae readership doubled this year.

As I’ve said before, here at Georgia Mae headquarters we’re on the upswing. 2011 here we come!

javacia and edd



  1. I love you guys… and Im happy this year turned out to be a good one for yall.

  2. Love the open letter, absolutely love Georgia Mae and even more, I love you guys! Thanks for all you do with bringing the info to the masses with Georgia Mae! I hope that 2011 is full of happiness and major blessings for you guys!

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