My Day as a Bad Role Model

This week is Fall Week at my school. It’s the week leading up to our Halloween carnival and since we don’t have a football team (or any other sports) it’s the highlight of the season. It’s kind of like Homecoming Week for geeks. Each day has a different theme and to show your school spirit students and even teachers should dress accordingly. 

Monday was pajama day and wearing my PJs to work was awesome. Tuesday, however, was celebrity day and I had no idea who I was going to be. Then while browsing Jezebel, one of my favorite blogs, I saw this:

Antoine Dogson! And with that I realized how easy it would be to transform myself into this year’s greatest Internet sensation — Antoine Dodson. All I would need is a red head scarf and a black tank top. 

Edd, who has expressed his disdain for Dodson several times, was obviously not happy about this. “You are no wife of mine,” he exclaimed to me, being extra dramatic. But I couldn’t resist. Tuesday I showed up with my red scarf and I pinned a sign to my black tank that read: “You can run and tell that homeboy!”

My costume was a huge hit with the students. Word spread like a viral video and there were kids dropping by my class all day to see my getup. Check it out:

Edd was not amused. I said to him, “But it was too easy.” His reply: “Cooning always is.” 

Sorry, America, for letting you down. What can I say? It was for the kids!

Check back tomorrow for more simple (and less embarrassing) costume ideas.



  1. Jai, I am over here cracking up! I say you go girl…it was definitely too easy. It WAS for the kids (right? he he he) and it was hilarious. Edd will be OK! *still laughing*

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