Progressive Soul Mondays: Algebra Blessett

An Atlanta native, Algebra Blessett had dreams of becoming a dancer, but eventually discovered that singing was her calling.  She started her career signed to Dallas Austin’s Rowdy Records, but later moved on to Kedar Entertainment Group. She has released one album. Enjoy!

— Desiree

“Some Kind of Wonderful”

“I Know” 



  1. Algebra needs a new album ASAP!

    “At This Time,” “My Pride,” and “What Happened” are worth a listen too.

  2. Someone liked Algebra that much that they named their kid after it?? That’s crazy. I don’t know about the girl I’m just commenting on her name. I’m sure she’s a sweet girl. lol.

    Come on people, we need to do better with the names though. “Pilot Inspecktor”, “Apple”, “Shiloh”, “Latwonda” (La-anything actually), and now “Algebra” we need to do stop making names out of just anything.

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