Whatever Happened to: Christopher Williams

Thanks to the recommendation of a few friends, I’m now hooked on Omarosa’s horrible dating show on TV One, “Donald J. Trump Presents: The Ultimate Merger.” It’s the typical Flavor of Love reality dating show, which gives the extremely annoying Omarosa an excuse to push around a bunch of sorry men.

One of her victims is former R&B heartthrob Al B Sure (I refuse to use the exclamation point after his name). And long-time R&B fans will remember Al B’s equally light-skinned (and therefore, adored) cousin, Christopher Williams.
Well, “remember” might be a stretch – these days, all Christopher Williams is remembered for is yelling “Don’t wake me, I’m dream-maaying!!!!!,” dumping Halle Berry and bumbling around the set of New Jack City.
Let me help you recall some of his finer moments.

Williams came on the scene in 1989 and apparently donned his best prom suit for the cover of his debut, Adventures in Paradise. The first single, “Talk To Myself,” was part of that era’s huge New Jack Swing movement, while the follow-up “Promises, Promises” was the typical slow jam. Neither were groundbreaking.

Williams really hit his stride two years later, playing the role of Kareem Akbar in my favorite movie ever, New Jack City. I never understood his character – slick-talking hit-man? Weird hanger-oner? Eh, it doesn’t matter. New Jack City certainly isn’t high-brow cinema.

The soundtrack for that film spawned Williams’ biggest hit, “I’m Dreamin.” It hit No. 1 on the R&B charts. On an unrelated note, I didn’t realize until researching for this post that nearly all early 90s videos feature giant fans that spin in the shadows – WHY?

Following his newfound success, Williams dropped Changes the following year, which went on to be his most successful release. “All I See,” in my humble opinion, is probably the best song of his career. The uptempo “Every Little Thing U Do” was a decent hit too. I never understood why he was randomly running down a beach in the video, though. At least there were no giant oversized fans around.

Williams returned buck-naked with an ugly tribal mask for 1995’s Not A Perfect Man. Why does he have a mask? You’ll have to ask Kareem Akbar, I guess. “Dance 4 Me” was pretty good and Williams’ voice was a strong as ever but the single never got off the ground. It’s a shame too – Williams was moving beyond the generic New Jack Swing formula and finding himself but I guess it was too late.

And speaking of too late, Williams took a long break and returned in 2001 with Real Men Do. I’m not sure who approved the rounded razor-line he sports on the album cover but he needs to borrow that tribal mask again. Real Men Do was barely a blip on the R&B radar but check out the beautiful “Violin” – he clearly still had some skills.

That album wrapped up Williams’ recording career – for now, anyway. Instead, he has focused on acting, starring in Chitlin Circuit plays like “The Clean Up Woman.” So the next time “Your Sugar is Too High To Box With God” comes to your town, look for Williams on the marquee.

Should He Come Back?: Christopher Williams has always been an oddly underappreciated talent. Yeah, ladies squealed and fell all over themselves for him but that attention overshadowed his vocal ability. At this point in his career, he might be better served appealing to his fans in plays than on iTunes.

But if he decides to film New Jack City 2, I’ll be the first in line.



  1. Im not a Christopher William Fan, and some of the thing you wrote I do agree with, but what I can say for sure, by noting the sarcasm, Your a hater, how sad !

    • Christopher Williams could sing the phone book and I would be listening as long as I can see him while he sings. Great voice and great looks.

    • Tyken I agree with you.The author of this article certainly can dial back the snark and disdain. You write as if you know nothing about objectivity and professionalism. Why not take classes in how to become a better writer, or just leave writing to the professionals.

  2. I’ve always thought that Christopher Williams had GREAT vocals!! Being a handsome eye-candy was a plus as well. As for his roll in New Jack City, I got the impression that he was a sort of Drug Hit-Man which I think he pulled it off very well.

  3. Sadly Christopher career demise not lack talent management. Musically sought
    make Hip Hop Funk Singer which inappropriately for voice. Christopher is talent
    sung Sweden yeah without “reverb” have audience hand. Christopher talented sing jazz not bad,Chris debut with Chris Walker both talent men. Handsome bring fans beautiful voices! Christopher thought recording new material in Europe?

    • Williams roll on New Jack was that of a figure head. He was good with numbers and it really is a shame he didn’t have the appropriate music to go with those drop dead gorgeous looks. His vocals are off the charts I could look into those eyes all night as well as Al B Sure.

  4. Chris problem lack “stage presences” how? Always walking off stage…style is turn off how well. Audience elated see perform larger arenas,not need get personal it’s turn off! Furthermore haven’t recorded in years,seldom complete,lyrics while singing. Chris admire you saw many times,critical example. El Debarge was it “health problems” had sit down a frown. To fans talent get it together…lack stage stamina Chris. Always getting exhausted
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  10. Chris was arrested not too long ago for stealing headphones out of a Khol’s! From his mugshot he is no stranger to narcotics

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