Summertime Blues

Tuesday I went swimsuit shopping, which, on my list of favorite things to do, ranks up there with going to the dentist and filing my taxes. Even when I was in college and boasted the body of an athlete the idea of stretching skin tight Lycra underwear across my body and going out in public made me cringe. Now, several years and 20 pounds later, it makes me nauseous. Bikinis were abandoned two years ago and replaced by the more modest tankini, but even those things show little mercy. 

So to deal with the torment of swimsuit shopping I did what any 21st century girl would do: I turned to Facebook. I hate shopping for swimsuits. I even despised it when I was at my happy weight. Now that I’m at my, er, not-so-happy weight, the experience is even more torturous. That’s what I posted as my status and soon my gal pals began to chime in to let me know that I was not alone. One chica even declared that Lycra is of the devil. I’m inclined to agree.

Two of my girls, though, had something different to say: this year i am trying an experiment where i love myself no matter what. so instead of feeling bad or guilty when you try on these swimsuits, take a deep breath and love yourself instead. That was from one of my Louisville ladies. 

This was the first summer I dared to wear a “look at me” bikini without a cover up close at hand…stretch marks and tummy pooch be darned! I say wear what feels comfortable AND makes you feel fab…happy weight or not. One of my Birmingham babes had that to add.

And with that not only did I remember why it’s so great to have girlfriends, but I also realized that it’s time I begin to practice what I preach. I’m constantly telling my female friends to love their bodies, but I still struggle to take my own advice. I still feel guilty for skipping a day at the gym or for eating a cupcake (or two).

No more calling myself fat. No more standing in the mirror pinching at my sides and sucking in my belly. No more comparing my body to airbrushed images in magazines. 

Next month when I hit Virginia Beach I will strut my stuff with pride whether I’ve lost five pounds or gained 10. Take that Lycra demons!



  1. you set yourself up for the cupcake joke but i wont go there. LOL!

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