Whatever Happened to: Case

People always give me such grief about my love of Keith Sweat. I don’t understand why. He’s among the top-selling male R&B artists in history (numbers don’t lie), has more than a few classic songs and his tours are still racking in the cash. Yet people, including my lovely wife, call my Keith obsession “random.”

You wanna know what’s random? I have a friend who is equally obsessed with Case. Now THAT’S random. I remember a few years ago when this dude heard a new track on the radio and jumped with joy thinking Case was back on the scene. I broke his heart when I told him that said song was actually from Lyfe Jennings.

Let’s take a look back at the man who will be forever linked with The Nutty Professor.

Case Woodard, formerly a background singer and writer, finally had a chance to shine on his own in 1996 with “Touch Me, Tease Me,” from The Nutty Professor Soundtrack. Ah, the Nutty Professor, proving Tyler Perry wasn’t the first black man to embarrass himself in a fat suit. “Touch Me, Tease Me” was a blessing and a curse – it was a huge debut for a new artist, but he was always overshadowed by its success.

At the time, I found it strange that a new artist could land background vocals from a proven star like Mary J. Blige. Once I found out they were dating, it made sense. No wonder he got the hookup.

Case’s self-titled debut dropped a couple of months later, but the single “More To Love” got very little love.

After a bit of a break, Case bounced back in 1999 with Personal Conversation. Much like his fling with Mary J., Case got his pimpin’ on with Beyonce in the video for “Happily Ever After,” which culminated in their engagement. Awww. Rumors were swirling at the time that the pair were really an item but if I recall Case denied them.

Oh, how different the world would be if Beyonce married Case. Kids would be wearing S.Case tennis shoes, Personal Conversation 3 would have been released last September and President Obama would have Case on his iPod.

Man, I bet Case is pissed he didn’t put a ring on it – for real.

Personal Conversation also featured “Faded Pictures,” with Joe. Sadly, Case didn’t date Joe.

Open Letter in 2001 featured “Missing You,” Case’s only #1 R&B hit. Guess which soundtrack that song was also featured on?

If Eddie Murphy is wearing a fat suit, Case ain’t far behind. Seriously, I had to check to see if Case was featured on the Norbit soundtrack. I bet he was lurking around the set, though.

Tragedy struck in 2002 when Case was accidentally shot in the throat. The story behind the incident has always been a bit murky (something about a gun going off while he was moving it) but thankfully he made out OK.

If you blinked you missed Case’s fourth album, The Rose Experience, which came out earlier this year. It featured the track “Lovely,” which I rather enjoyed. Check it out if you haven’t already.

Should he come back?: His latest album showed that Case still has something to offer, despite his accident. Maybe my boy’s love of Case isn’t so strange after all.

What IS strange is Case’s love of dudes in fat suits.


  1. i forgot all about ol case. i know when im listeing to my MC Lyte channel or my MC Hammer channel on Pandora is always ways makes me think “Whatever Happened to?”

  2. I will always love Case and he will always be on my ipod, favorite stations and on my favorite you tube lists!!! Always did love this dude!!!

  3. I will always love Case

  4. Case is the best!!!

  5. CASE is the Coldest RnB Sanger everrr to
    Me. I have his entire catalog on iTunes bc I have a mini CASE concert Weekly if not
    daily. I drive a lot & his music is my riding

  6. Case is my favorite next to Jahiem. I love yhem both. Very unique style in music.

  7. Mr. Case definitely i was an avid fan to another what i call an unpolished prince in r&b. And in my opinion one of the pioneers to cultivate r&b and hip hop together

  8. Reminds me of Donnell Jones… great music, but not much commercial success

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