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Our country has been talking a lot about health care lately especially with President Obama’s reform plans and ideas of universal health care in the news. But Change.org, an organization that aims to inform and empower movements for social change around various issues, wants to call to your attention another important health care issue — unfair treatment of women.

From the website:

Health care isn’t fair. Women pay more and get less coverage than they need. Yet women have been left out of the debate on health care reform. It’s time to make our voices heard.
Women are regularly denied coverage for “pre-existing conditions” including pregnancy, a previous C-Section or past domestic abuse. Insurance companies charge women as much as 48 percent more for individual health care coverage than men. And it is expensive, difficult and in some states impossible for women to find coverage for maternity care when purchasing their own health insurance plan.

Click here if you’d like to learn more and for information on how you can write to Congress and tell your leaders to pass health reform that works for women.



  1. Sexism does suck! It really pisses me off that the same people who want abortion banned don’t see that affordable access to health care for women is important to lifelong reproductive health and to family stability.

    A former insurance agent told me about this discrimination over a year ago, when I was trying to decide if I wanted the insurance my then-employer was offering or if I wanted to find another plan on my own. I was proud that the original House bill banned such discrimination, although that bill is nowhere near its original state now. Shout out to my Congressman, John Yarmuth, for supporting the bill! Pooh on Sen. Mitch McConnell for not supporting anything related to progress or equality for anyone, ever! May he make good use of HIS tax-payer-supported health insurance.

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