Edd’s MANtra: Why, Louisiana, why?

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I can’t wait for the day when I become so famous that someone writes a song about me. But when that day comes, please get someone other than Hurricane Chris to perform it.

I’m sure you’ve heard the “Halle Berry” song by now. If not, here’s your chance.

One of our readers sent me a video last week of Mr. “A Bay Bay” performing the song at the Louisiana legislature. Why? Sigh, who knows. In the video, Chris more or less explains that the song is to let girls know that even if they’re unattractive they can still pretend to look like Halle Berry. What a self-esteem booster.

What are y’all doing down in Louisiana? Don’t y’all have legislation to pass?

Black lawmakers, I need y’all to get it together. Yeah, Obama has cookouts on the White House lawn, but he doesn’t have Gucci Mane and OJ Da Juiceman running around the statehouse in wife beaters and house shoes.

Well, at least Hurricane Chris put on a suit and took those barrettes out of his hair for this occasion. Aww, he looks like he’s going to the prom.

Best line of the video: some guy says over the loudspeaker: “I don’t believe Chris is related to the tsunami the chairman has been talking about.”

Har har. The hilarity. My sides, they are a splittin’.

Check out the video here, if you dare.



  1. i still cant believe he actually performed the song there!!

  2. Father God, let us pray! That’s really all I can say because I can’t even believe this was for real!

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