Super Sunday Sexism

I love Super Bowl commercials. In fact, they’re the only reason I watch the big game each year. But last night I was pretty disappointed. Only a few ads made me laugh out loud and, not to be Debbie Downer, but the sexism in some of the commercials was just too much.

Here are some of the worst offenders in my eye. Take a look and tell me what you think.



  1. I agree that there weren’t many funny or good commercials. My favorite was the Doritos snow globe one, but I have to say, I’ve seen it a few times today and it’s not that funny anymore.

    Companies spent a boat-load of money on showing these advertisements, and I kinda think they should have spent the money hiring better commercial developers.

  2. I agree with Chantay… that Doritos one made me laugh because I wasn’t expecting it, but I bet it won’t be as funny the second time around.
    Those Go Daddy commercials were terrible.

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  4. well i didn’t really see any of the commercials(couldnt hear anything over the loud game of spades) except the Go Daddy one which i read was the best one of the night.

    i just know i experienced sexism first hand when several of my male coworkers suggested i and the rest of the women should watch their kids because we are female. i quickly turned into Mike Tyson and threatened to eat their kids.

  5. The Doritos ad was really good and it won USA Today’s annual Ad Meter thing.

    I also liked the one for

    mErCh — LMBO at you eating children

  6. Yeah, I loved the Career Builder one, too. Way to punch a koala in the face! LOL

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