Revive, Rethink, Rebel!

“Revive, rethink, rebel,” is the Georgia Mae mantra for 2009. Not to go all O magazine on you, but this year I really want to help you revive your old dreams, rethink your bad habits and rebel against the naysayers that are holding you back, because that’s what I plan to do in 2009. And, of course, I want to help you have fun along the way, because as Ani DiFranco says on her new album, “I’ve got myself a new mantra. It says, ‘Don’t forget to have a good time.'”

For those of you just joining us, Georgia Mae is a news and pop culture blog where dynamic women and the men who love us talk about sex, relationships, politics, fashion, music and more.

Georgia Mae was named after my late grandmother — a woman who believed the personal was political and who was passionate about her God, her family and about freedom and justice. She was not only a strong matriarch but she also served in her church and was active in the Civil Rights movement in Alabama. But in spite of all this, my Granny still knew how to kick back and have fun.

So ladies, and gentlemen, let’s make 2009 our best year yet!



  1. Yeah i saw your Granny kick a couple of butts a few times.

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