Me, Myself and I

The hubster is out of town. (Don’t worry, Edd’s MANtra fans. He left lots of witty posts behind.) And I miss him. A lot. Especially at bedtime. (Get your mind of out of the gutter. I simply mean it feels weird sleeping alone once you get hitched.)

But even though I miss him terribly, I still make the most of my days when he’s away and have some much needed me time. Last night, for example, I snuggled on the sofa with my favorite blanket and watched a movie and ate pizza. I know you’re probably thinking, “Wow, Javacia your life is so exciting.” But listen, I’m always ridiculously busy and I probably haven’t sat on my sofa and watched a movie solo all year long.

Sure, I miss my husband, but sometimes I miss me too. Sometimes I just want to hang out with myself. So even though I’ll be like a kid on Christmas the day he returns, I’ll be having plenty of fun while he’s gone either with my girls or with my #1 girl — me.

This weekend I was having a talk with a cousin of mine about how important it is for folks to have a life of their own before getting involved in romantic relationships. This is something that, unfortunately, my cousin’s girlfriend doesn’t seem understand and I worry her neediness may soon push him away.

Edd and I dated for about three years before we got married and for two of those years he was my long distance love — with him living in Louisville and me thousands of miles away in California. There’s no way our relationship would have survived that distance if either one of us was clingy, insecure or didn’t have a life of our own.

I’m no relationship counselor, but after that talk with my cousin I felt the need to offer a bit of advice to you ladies (and gentlemen).

The bottom line is this: if you don’t enjoy your own company, why would anybody else?



  1. i agree but i wonder if you can enjoy your own company too much. i tend to think that i am such a loner that i can never imagine myself ever again living with another person or sleeping in the bed with someone every night. lol. but maybe im just a weirdo. lol

  2. As my significant other and I have begun thinking quite seriously about continuing our education in two states (possibly Kentucky and Florida, ugggh so far!), this post was right on time..Long distance relationships are so not fun, but I wholeheartedly agree that being secure not just in your relationship but in YOU really makes all the difference…

  3. I also wonder if the fact that I enjoy my own company hurts me in relationships. I’m not clingy and I don’t need a lot of me-time, but I’m used to doing for self. I’m used to entertaining self, cooking for self, laughing at self… Sometimes that too can be (and has been) a turnoff.

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