Edd’s MANtra: 10 albums that made ’08 OK (Part 1)

2008 is just days away from wrapping up and I, for one, am glad to see it go. Besides all the personal drama I endured, the one thing that really hurt my soul is that music was flat out WACK this year.
There were a few gems, however. I’m going to share with you the top 10 albums that helped me survive 2008. The eligible albums include any I picked up during the year, despite when they were originally released. Why? Cuz I said so.

And for this extra special column, I’ll be joined by the head Webmistress herself, Javacia. She’ll be adding her two cents. Think of it as GeorgiaMae’s own mix of E&J Brandy.

Here we go:

Honorable mention:
The N***** Tape
Nas, 2008

Edward – One of the best mixtapes I’ve ever heard. The perfect compliment to Nas’ Untitled.

Javacia – I must agree. To be honest, I rarely listen to rap, but I have nearly every track from the mixtape and album on my iPod. I can’t get enough of it.

E – And you scoffed when Nas and Kelis wore those shirts emblazoned with the N word.

J – No I didn’t.

E- Sure you did. You said it was a publicity stunt.

J – Oh yeah. It was. But the mixtape is still hot.

E- They can wear Snuggies for all I care as long as Nas keeps dropping heat. As long as they aren’t wearing white Klan Snuggies, that is.

#10. Fearless
Jazmine Sullivan, 2008

E – In a year of mediocrity, Jazmine stood head and shoulders above her young peers. At just 21 she gives me hope that all young musicians won’t suck.

J- Jazmine Sullivan’s album is awesome. I thought I would like her when I first heard “Need You Bad.” But then she dropped “Bust Your Windows” and I was in love.

E – Yeah, you ladies love those “destroy your man’s property” songs. Stop Waiting to Exhale and move on!

J – Don’t worry, I won’t bust up your Scion. I know you’d have me arrested.

E – But you’d burn my Biggie poster. And that would be the deepest cut of all.

J – I bought you that poster! And to thank me I think you should take me to the Jazmine concert next month.

E – Man, you just called me out on cyberspace. I’m down with that, though.

#9. E=MC2

Mariah Carey, 2008

E – This is pretty much a clone of 2005’s The Emancipation of Mimi. It doesn’t quite measure up to those standards but it’s good for what it is – mindless R&B fun.

J- “It doesn’t quite measure up” is an understatement. This album had like three good songs while Emancipation had plenty. And what’s up with her crap-tastic videos?

E- I didn’t say she was Cicely Tyson. She wouldn’t know good acting if it hit her in her forehead. Look who she married, for goodness sakes.

J – Yeah I guess I shouldn’t expect good movies from the woman who starred in “Glitter.”

E- Bad movies aside, you’re tripping if you didn’t think “Touch My Body” was cute, in a dumb way.

J – It was just dumb in a dumb way.

#8. Free At Last
Freeway, 2007

E- I always respected Freeway as an above-average MC, but I must admit to sleeping on his albums. Free At Last is just what an “old man rap” lover like me needs – hard beats and an even harder delivery.

J – As I said earlier I rarely listen to rap, but I heard this a couple of times while riding in your car and I remember actually enjoying it. I guess I’m an old (wo)man rap lover too.

#7. Lyfe Change
Lyfe Jennings, 2008

E – I’m a huge Lyfe fan, but I admit I was originally slightly disappointed with this. It didn’t grab me as quickly as his first albums, but it didn’t take me long to enjoy this one. I love how he consistently makes positive music without being preachy.

J – I should’ve spent more time with this one because I typically like Lyfe too but I can’t remember much about this album – just a song or two about wrapping it up when you have a one night stand so you don’t get AIDS and a ballad about how he wants to fall in love, which might be easier if he stopped having one-night stands. Oh yeah, and if he wasn’t in jail.

E- And don’t forget the song where he compares his car to soul food, but he flips it to talk about how tough it is for poor folks to make ends meet – genius!

J – Oh yeah! I remember that song. It was pretty witty.

E – Which is why it depresses me that he’s locked up. Again.

#6. Undeniable
AZ, 2008

E – AZ might just be the most underrated rapper of all time. He’s oozing with talent, but he just wasn’t in the right place at the right time to become a megastar. This album has everything going for it – crazy beats, great cameos (minus a very odd Ray J appearance) and an impeccable flow.

J – Hey, it’s AZ. My daddy’s favorite rapper. Oh wait, did that just sound like I was calling you old?

E- Your DADDY’S favorite rapper?! Way to make me sound old. Can you pick up some peanut brittle and some Polident from the drug store for me?

J – I’m just playin’. I mean he is my daddy’s favorite rapper but I like AZ too and I’m not old.

E – Well, if I’m old for liking AZ pass the Geritol so we can make a toast.

Join us tomorrow for the top five!



  1. AZ dropped an album this year??? Lol let me quit…I’ll be looking forward to the top 5, I’m really hoping The Roots Rising Down is there…

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