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Here is an update on the begging Big Three.

The Senate plans to vote as soon as today on a House-passed measure to extend unemployment insurance by seven weeks for those without jobs whose benefits have run out and 13 weeks for those in states with an unemployment rate higher than 6-percent. The vote requires support from 60 senators to pass. Click here for more.

Here’s the latest on the possible Obama administration: Chicago businesswoman Penny Pritzker has announced that she is not a candidate for secretary of commerce in the administration of President-elect Barack Obama as some news outlets were reporting earlier today. Meanwhile, Arizona Gov. Janet Napolitano is Obama’s top choice for homeland security secretary, according to sources close to the transition. And Obama met last week with New York Sen. Hillary Clinton to discuss the possibility of her serving as secretary of state. Sen. Clinton’s response is expected this week. Click here for more.


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