My first hit

As promised I wrote a column for the Louisville, Ky.-based mag that pays my bills, Velocity Weekly, about my accident. And it turns out that you can learn a thing or two about yourself after getting hit by a car.

Getting hit by a car taught me some very valuable lessons
from Velocity Weekly, Oct. 22, 2008

Yes, that’s right. I was hit by a car about two weeks ago, but don’t worry. As you probably figured out, I survived it. And as my co-worker Joe Lord always says, “What doesn’t kill you makes for a great story.”

I was downtown crossing Broadway (in the crosswalk and when I had the right-of-way, might I add) when suddenly a car and my body collided.

In case you were wondering, getting hit by a car sucks. As I type this I’m still in pain, and lots of it. But there is an upside to being knocked down onto wet concrete by a moving vehicle. Really, there is.

Not only do you get to ride in an ambulance and take a few days off work without anyone doubting if you’re really sick, but you get some great insight into your personality, too. Here are a few things I learned about myself after getting hit by a car… (Click here to read the rest.)



  1. Wait…you got a bag from Cherry Bomb?

  2. ha! i was wondering when you were going to notice that. it was only $8!

  3. i tried to stop her Edd!! she has nearly 20 new bags in her trunk. you should check it out. LOL!

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