Iron City’s Finest: 10 Birmingham Songs to Add to Your Summer Playlists

Words by Jakob Frazier​

After the strangest year we’ve experienced in a while, things are slowly reaching some new semblance of normalcy. With vaccines being administered, all sorts of vacation spots are starting to open back up and people are finally getting to see their friends and relatives again. There are going to be plenty of parties and celebrations (quick sidebar: let me personally just say, please remain safe!!), which will almost certainly be accompanied by music. Whether it’s a cook-out, a road trip, a day at the beach, or even just a casual get-together, add some Iron City flair to your playlists with these 10 songs by Birmingham artists.

“I Ain’t Comin’ Down” – The Monastery

This bonus track on Different World is the definition of wavy. The group vocals in the chorus are complimented by the groovy sample, setting the song up to be played at any kickback, and that’s not to mention the excellent rapping in the verses.

“Bam Bam” – Love Moor & Suaze

Truly, any song from Simp Girl would perfectly fit a summer playlist, but something about Love Moor’s playful call-and-response chorus matched with Suaze’s relaxing production feels especially suited to the warm summer air. This song was made for lounging by the ocean.

“Way Way” – GI Magus

G.I. takes an elegant beat (produced by Grammy award-winner Anthem) and makes a fittingly anthemic song meant to be sung at maximum volume. The easy-to-grasp chorus is supported by gorgeous piano arpeggios while the commanding verses are punctuated with thick drums.

“Heart on Sleeve” – OZU8lack & Aztecky

This favorite from Phonk’n’Aztecky may be about a tumultuous relationship, but that doesn’t prevent it from being an absolute banger. OZU’s absurdly catchy rapping/singing fusion suits Aztecky’s pulsating beat to a T and is best enjoyed shouted at the top of your lungs. 

“Mailbox” – Linnil

Linnil takes this moment of extreme vulnerability and turns it into a hit. Backed by knocking drums and fluttering synths, Linnil shows his range as a singer, and it’s impossible not to sing along- perfect for windows-down driving.

“Step on Me” – Gap Toof

After starting off with menacing synths, the beat is greeted by bouncy drums while Gap’s confident flow follows suit. Even the most rhythmically challenged folks will be attempting to dance to this boastful joint.

“Good Cookin’” – Akil Pratt & Phrasure

Celebratory synths and pounding drums are met with clever lyrics about breakfast, lunch, dinner, and everything in between. What better song to play at a cookout than an energetic track full of dad jokes about food? 

“Panic!” – Mel. Crozby & Richard Daniel

Descending synths pilot this frantic beat as Crozby works through some intense emotions. The hypnotic delivery of Richard Daniel’s infectious hook allows the mood to shift, turning the confessional track into a banger suited for a dance party.

“Black Sugar” – Kennie Blk.

The mysterious Kennie Blk. delivers a verse dripping with swagger before singing a captivating refrain over this tropical Erthling. instrumental. The stylish sample lends itself wonderfully to being played while relaxing on a boat.

“Let It Bang” – Nerves Baddington

This single from Dopamine Decoder Ring lives up to its name. The mostly stripped back instrumental is led by a thumping 808 kick, destined to be run through the best speakers you have as InkLine’s impressive wordplay floats over the occasional drum fill.

Jakob Frazier, aka Phrasure, a rapper who sometimes writes words that don’t rhyme. He’s committed to spreading word about some of the best MCs from Birmingham, Ala. He can be found on Facebook and Instagram.



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