Soul In Stereo’s Favorite Songs of 2020: The Playlist

A few days ago, we dropped the big one – the 50 best albums 2020 had to offer.

And after the year we had, 2020 OWED us great music. It’s the least it could do.

As I said in that post, many of mainstream’s biggest starts may have let us down, but if you dig around long enough, you’ll find more than enough quality to get you through.

Once again, I make the work easy for you! I’ve cobbled together a playlist of the 80-something songs from my personal playlists that got me through 2020. Some names are familiar, others are much more obscure. The sounds the gamut of classic soul, boom bap, modern pop, throwback R&B, trap, VIBEZ and … whatever it is Thundercat does.

All I know is it’s GREAT.

The list is in no order so they’re no need to scream about why some song falls at No. 44 and not No. 38 where it belongs. No rankings today, we’re just having a good time.

Sit back and enjoy the sounds of 2020 – hopefully you discover a new fave.



  1. thanks Ed! A year recap playlist makes sure I don’t miss out on what’s good. Have a Merry Christmas!

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