Iron City’s Finest: Top 20 Songs from Birmingham Artists in 2020

Words by Jakob Frazier

Look, y’all… I usually try to be ultra-professional in my writing, but I’m exhausted. This year took a toll on everyone. That didn’t stop my wonderful city of Birmingham from releasing some incredible tunes, though. Here are twenty of my favorite songs from this absolute hellscape of a year. A Spotify playlist of all the songs will be listed at the end.

Note: while most of these songs fall into the larger hip-hop or R&B genres, there are a few that stray. Take it as an opportunity to try out something new. Or don’t. It’s up to you. Just don’t be bitter. Please.

Bitter” – The Frequently (single)

IG: @thefrequently

Punchy drums and scattered guitars accompany scathing lyrics from a lover scorned, creating a song perfect for radio.

Boys Break Too” – Sebastian Kole (Numb)

IG: @sebastiankole

Kole forgoesthe drums, keys, and synths, instead filling the space with only his voice while lamenting the expectations constantly placed on him.

Build” – Jahnah Camille (Denim)

IG: @jahnahcamille
Lush chords and gentle strumming accentuate Jahnah’s sweet voice as she looks toward the future with love on her mind.

DAHLIA” – Mel. Crozby & Richard Daniel (iris.)

IG: @melxcrozby; @_richarddaniel

Crozby introduces iris. by expressing painfully raw emotions in a drunken stupor over a woozy beat from Richard Daniel.

Don’t Need” – C.A.m ft. Jaz (Lost Songs EP)

IG: @cjlindsey; @jazakexander__

C.A.m employs his cohort Jaz as they both lay out slick, thoughtful verses atop a dramatic, orchestral production.

Energy” – K1NG ELJAY & InkLine (Kintsugi)

IG: @k1ngeljay; @inkline_uno

ELJAY matches the vigor of InkLine’s driving instrumental, supplying the listener with cleverly constructed and coolly rapped bars.

Hardfall” – Gap Toof (single)

IG: @gap.toofed

Gap effortlessly trades off between humble and proud over a soulful sample, ending the song with a subtle breakdown.

Heart on Sleeve” – OZU8LACK & Aztecky (Phonk’n’Aztecky)

IG: @ozu8lack; @aztecky94

OZU’s catchy delivery about the difficulty of love combines with Aztecky’s regal synths and sharp drums to produce a radio-ready jam.

Here Now” – G.I. MAGUS ft. Wisdom Bibbs (Verses the World)

IG: @githeartist; @wisdombibbs_

A bouncy beat accompanied by celebratory horns soundtracks verses and hooks from GI and Wisdom in a track about acknowledging their blessings.

Hoodtep” – You Gene Write & ITP (I and I: Itty and Izzy)

IG: @yougenewrite; @__itp__

A confident You Gene spits with a particular bravado on this head-nodding, bumping ITP collaboration.

iiWii” – Love Moor (Motions)

IG: @lovemoorson; @uncle_seej

Uncle See’J provides Love Moor with a screaming saxophone sample and riveting drums as she adamantly professes her acceptance of certain situations.

Moss” – The Monastery (Different World)

IG: @wearethemonastery; @carlos_charm; @digitalundergroundpac

An urgent bassline contrasted with subdued drums allows the duo to express genuine heartbreak and contempt over the loss of a lifelong friend.

Outside” – Richard Daniel (single)

IG: @_richarddaniel; @suazeone

Utilizing a haunting Suaze instrumental, Richard discusses police brutality and racial tension to create a fiery protest song.

Plot’n” – 729 (Proceed with Caution)

IG: @729ne; @ozu8lack;

Beginning with a relaxed soundscape, the beat switches to a pulsating, triumphant instrumental that showcases both OZU’s and Erthling.’s strengths.

Risk” – Dee Skillz ft. IndYah Rashaud (The Life and Times of a Radiant Child)

IG: @deeskillzmusiq; @indyahrashuad

A frenetic beat and a powerful vocal performance from IndYah Rashaud juxtapose with Dee Skillz’s timid voice in this anxiety-riddled track.

Snow” – theSportingLife (A Proper Racket)

IG: @ymocco; @blackplastique

Gifted a stylish bassline and a smooth piano melody by Black Plastique, lead singer Jovani Occomy sings gracefully about the need for comfort and communication.

Something New” – Penny Circus (single)

IG: @pennycircus

Feelings of apathy and regret make their way through crunched guitars and punctuated drums to make for an unexpectedly upbeat tune.

“Sure About It” – Akil Pratt (Depressed Genius – Genius Version)

IG: @akilpratt

This deep cut sees Akil penning a love song dedicated to his wife, backed by an elegant, romantic sample.

Wasteland” – Black Plastique ft. Corey Brandon & Dolo Fibonacci (Wasteland)

IG: @blackplastique; @coreybrandon; @dolofibonacci

Verses of consciousness and braggadocio from Plastique and Dolo are accompanied by an appropriately abrasive chorus, soundtracked by a dirty, thumping 808.

“Welcome to the City” – Ethos (The City Wants You Alone)

IG: @whoisethos

Ethos ponders his confusion and loneliness by way of a somber guitar riff and despondent drums before the song descends into chaos and madness.

Check out the playlist below.

Jakob Frazier, aka Phrasure, a rapper who sometimes writes words that don’t rhyme. He’s committed to spreading word about some of the best MCs from Birmingham, Ala. He can be found on Facebook and Instagram.


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