Sounds of the Soul In Stereo Cypher: Check Out Our Playlist

If you’re a music fan or creator and still haven’t hung out with us in the Soul In Stereo Cypher on Facebook, re-examine your life choices. You’re really missing out.

It’s the place where music fans talk about the things they love 24/7. Truly, it’s a great community.

But the Cypher isn’t just talk. Several singers, writers and producers frequent our space too. Since I’m all about putting on readers to the latest and greatest, I figured those artists deserve some shine too.

Below you’ll fine Cypher Selections, original music from members of the Cypher. Some artists are new to the game, others have been doing this for years – and it shows. These guys and girls know good music.

Take a listen to the playlist below, shout out your favorites and join us on Facebook to talk about all things music.


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