Flashback Friday: Childish Gambino and Jagged Edge

Y’all good?

I know everyone isn’t built for this quarantine life but sitting the house playing video games, avoiding dump people and listening to music is my kind of social distancing.

This is what I’ve been getting into. Y’all stay safe.

Childish Gambino, Camp (2011)

Last week Donald Glover surprised us with a selection of new track (and an old one or two) with his Donald Glover Presents stream. I haven’t had a chance to check it out yet (while y’all are Netflix n’ chillin’ through this pandemic some of us are WORKIN LIKE CRAZY) but I hope it gives us just a smidgen of Glover’s original Gambino persona. His debut album, Camp, has gotten overlooked in the mountain of accolades Glover has accumulated over the past decade. But, for me, it’s probably his best musical work.

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Jagged Edge, JE Heartbreak II (2014)

Did you check out the latest edition of Head to Head with Edd? It was all about the JE boys and I was pretty shocked when guest God-is Rivera admitted that she disliked their sequel to the beloved JE Heartbreak. Sure, it’s not nearly as good as its predecessor but I found it pretty enjoyable and a good callback to their glory days.

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“Love Come Down”

“No Half Steppin'”

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