Guilty Pleasures: Cardi B, “Money”

We all have guilty pleasures, those songs that have no business on our iPods or the tracks we only blast with the windows rolled all the way up in our rides. In this column we share our darkest musical secrets.

Women LOVE Cardi B.

Last week, while celebrating New Year’s Eve – which I’m getting MUCH too old to be doing, by the way – the DJ threw on Cardi’s “Money” and every human in the building with two X chromosomes went absolutely ballistic.

I don’t think Janice Wouldword was in the house with us but clearly she’s feeling the magic too, which is why she nominated this song as her guilty pleasure. I don’t get it but I also don’t have bands in the coupe/bustin’ out the roof either. Y’all have fun.

What’s your guilty pleasure? Email, hit me up on Twitter @etbowser, or stop by the comments section and share your guilty pleasures. Leave a sentence or two and I’ll share your selection in a future column.


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