Flashback Friday: Yo-Yo and Sharissa

Another Friday, another chance to flashback!

Yo-Yo, Make Way for the Motherload (1991)

Whenever Twitter decides to debate or celebrate female rappers, Yo-Yo’s name is too often left out of the convo. Her 1991 debut gave us the oddly titled but unforgettably awesome “You Can’t Play with My Yo-Yo,” and in later years, she’s became a strong force for positivity in hip-hop. In fact, Yo-Yo spoke at my high school to uplift us raggamuffin kids and whatnot. She deserves more love for blazing trails for female MCs.

“Stompin’ to the 90’s”

“Ain’t Nobody Better”

Sharissa, No Half Steppin’ (2003)

My girl Sharissa! Back in 2003, BET wore her hit “Any Other Night” OUT – the rotation was so strong that you assumed she would be a megastar just from sheer force of will. I actually liked her follow-up, the title track, even better. Though she gave vibes of Mary J. Blige back then (and K. Michelle today), she wasn’t able to break out. Too bad, her album had promise.

“No Half Steppin”

“I Can’t Wait”

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