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Welcome to the holidays! Time to turn back the clock and revisit some old faves.

american gangster

Jay Z, American Gangster (2007)

This week social media celebrated Jay Z’s 50th birthday – I mean, I guess he’s 50. Seems like he adds or subtracts a couple of years every couple of months. This week also marked the return of Jay’s entire discography to Spotify, so fans are gleefully revisiting his classics. In my eyes, American Gangster is easily his most underrated release – a near 5-star affair that is the closest thing to reliving his Reasonable Doubt glory days.

Also check out:

“Ignorant S***”

“I Know”


TLC, 3D (2002)

TLC’s fourth album is mainly remembered as being the group’s first release after the untimely demise of Lisa Lopes. That cloud has long cast a shadow over the quality of this album. Of course, it’s not nearly as strong as the group’s prior efforts but it has its share of standouts, thanks to the star-studded array of producers

Also check out:

“In Your Arms Tonight”

“Girl Talk”

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