Flashback Friday: The Notorious B.I.G. and Jon B.

I’ve got that Friday feeling, and y’all know what that means – time to flash back to some of our favorites.

ready to die

The Notorious B.I.G., Ready to Die (1994)

Believe it or not, this classic record turns 25 today. I still remember the first time hearing it – I was at my friend’s house playing something on Nintendo and he popped the tape in. I was already familiar with Biggie by this point but listening to that record straight through while we played Ninja Turtles and Street Fighter turned me on to a new world of hip-hop storytelling. My Biggie stan-dom began that fall and hasn’t slowed. RIP to the greatest of all time.

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pleasures u like

Jon B, Pleasures U Like (2001)

The night prior to this posting I had this LP on a loop, so I had to show love today. 2001 is an incredibly underrated year for hip-hop and R&B, filled with gems that are rarely mentioned today. And while we love celebrating Jon B’s sophomore smash Cool Relax (and rightfully so) Pleasures U Like deserves just as much love. It might not have the hit singles but it’s an incredible body of work.

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“Cocoa Brown”

“Overjoyed,” featuring Faith Evans

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