Flashback Friday: Juelz Santana and Faith Evans

Happy Friday, playas! Today, we’re turning the clock back to 2005, a year that sounded like the FAR FUTURE in the 80s but now is just seen as “that time before Twitter was poppin.” Simpler times.

what the games been missing

Juelz Santana, What the Game’s Been Missing! (2005)

Gotta love the Soul In Stereo Cypher. A reader mentioned Juelz in a post the other day and it completely caught me off guard – I had completely forgotten about the guy, despite him being seen as one of the most promising new artists of his generation. His sophomore and final album to date is a little long in the tooth but probably his best work.

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“Mic Check”

“Oh Yes”

the first lady

Faith Evans, The First Lady (2005)

The first album of Faith’s post-Bad Boy career might have been met with slight skepticism. I mean, we remember how well 112’s first non-Bad Boy album turned out. Sheesh. But don’t worry, she proved she doesn’t need Puff to hold her hand to make good music. It’s truly the maturation of Faith Evans – largely stepping away from the hip-hop samples that defined her early work to pursue a more adult-oriented sound.

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“Catching Feelings”

“Tru Love”

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