10 Times Hip-Hop Taught Us The Importance of Mothers

dear mama

There are tons of negative stigmas attached to hip-hop. But there’s one prevailing characteristic that never gets discussed enough:

Rappers love their mothers.

In celebration of Mother’s Day, look back at 10 songs dedicated to motherhood and the life lessons they taught us.

Ghostface Killah, “All that I Got Is You”

The lesson: The role of a mother isn’t easy; hardship comes with the territory. Ghostface’s autobiographical story isn’t about shock value, it’s about showing love to the woman who helped get his family through it all.

Snoop Dogg, “I Love My Momma”

The lesson: Snoop might be everyone’s favorite uncle in 2019, but in 1999 he sure wasn’t known for his softer side. That is, until this touching ode to his mom. Only a mother’s love can crack that tough shell.

Eminem, “Headlights”

The lesson: Eminem made a name for himself by dragging his mom’s name in the streets. But family is all about reconciliation and on “Headlights” he publicly made amends for past squabbles. Forgiveness is something we all have to come to terms with.

Canibus, “I Honor U”

The lesson: Showcasing his renowned wordplay, Canibus takes us on a journey from conception to birth, proving that the bond of mother and child is everlasting.

Beanie Sigel, “Mom Praying”

The lesson: Beans takes time out to not only support his mother, but his grandmother as well, two women who never left his side, no matter how far he strayed. A mother’s love is relentless in trying to make you do right.

Kanye West, “Hey Mama”

The lesson: This track has taken on a more somber note since the passing of Donda West and Kanye’s decent into, um, whatever he is now. Still, the childlike jubilance in his voice is heartwarming. Mothers always bring out the kid in us.

Goodie MOB, “Guess Who”

The lesson: One minute she’s teaching you to use baking soda when there is no more toothpaste,  the next she’s telling you to go get a switch and prepare for that whippin’. From survival to discipline, that’s mama mentality. Goodie Mob’s ode to their mothers hit home.

Big KRIT, “Take Care of Mama”

The lesson: Of all the songs here, I personally feel this one the most. Sometimes life takes you far away from family but you never forget where you come from. KRIT whispers a prayer of protection for his rock – he may be on the road but his heart is still at home.

2pac, “Dear Mama”

The lesson: Obviously this is the standard-bearer. 2Pac’s heartfelt ode to Afeni Shakur embraces her, flaws and all, because of her unconditional love of family. When you think about hip-hop and motherhood, the three most poignant words Pac ever said come to mind – “You are appreciated.” It’s the realest thing he ever wrote.

Nas, “Dance”

The lesson: They say it’s better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all. Nas eulogizes his mother with this track dedicated to her love. Nas’ dad Olu Dara even adds instrumentals at the end. It’s proof that even when mom leaves us, her love remains.

What’s your favorite rap song dedicated to moms? Let us know below.


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