Flashback Friday: Vesta Williams and T.I.

Happy Friday, playas!

In my neck of the woods, spring is here, which means the weather is nicer, the days are longer and my sinuses are running like Fantasia catching the Holy Ghost.

Imma let these throwbacks soothe my allergies. Enjoy.

vesta 4 u

Vesta Williams, Vesta 4 U (1988)

Poor Vesta. In the late 80s, I would have bet the house that she’d be one of R&B’s most notable voices in the coming decade. While she did have a couple high points in later years, none reached the level of her sophomore album, which featured her signature hit, “Congratulations.” We lost Vesta in 2011, much, much too soon.

Also check out:

“Sweet, Sweet Love”

“4 U”

urban legend

TI, Urban Legend (2005)

A few readers have given me grief over the years for allegedly shortchanging Tip. While I still say his Kang of da Souf claims are preposterous, that doesn’t mean he hasn’t given us great music over the years. Urban Legend is filled with some of the best singles of his career.

Also check out:

“U Don’t Know Me”

“Bring ’em Out”

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