Flashback Friday: Babyface and 2 Chainz

Playa, if you had a week like mine, sheesh, you NEED this upcoming weekend.

So let’s wrap this week up with a another trip in the time machine.

For the cool in you

Babyface, For the Cool In You (1993)

So hey, earlier this week, we ranked Babyface’s entire discography. Did you read it?


That post was a monster to put together – when you’re as consistently good as Babyface it’s pretty hard to determine the best of the best. Many readers pointed to his 1993 album as their favorite. No shock there – it landed at the peak of his popularity and is home to some of the biggest records of the 90s.

Also check out:

“Never Keeping Secrets”

“For the Cool In You”

based on a tru story

2 Chainz, Based on a TRU Story (2012)

Well, look at God: Coincidentally, 2 Chainz dropped his latest LP, Rap or Go to the League, today, so there’s no better time to revisit his debut than now. 2 Chainz is a deceptively skilled rapper – look past the goofy one-liners and random ad-libs and you’ll find a solid lyricist who knows how to create anthems. As ridiculous as this album can be at times, there are flashes of brilliance throughout.

Also check out:

“No Lie,” featuring Drake

“I’m Different”

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