Don’t Let Nipsey Hussle’s Death Cloud His Redemption Story

Victory Lap

Nipsey Hussle’s story was supposed to be one of redemption. That’s why news of his senseless murder hurts so bad.

The Grammy-nominated rapper was killed in a shooting outside his store, Marathon Clothing on Slauson Avenue in South Los Angeles, multiple law enforcement sources said. Two other men were in serious condition, and a suspect remained at large, according to NBC News.

Be clear, dude made many mistakes in his life, both past and present – and many of them undoubtedly will be dug up in sloppy media coverage in the coming days.

But I wonder of those finger-pointers will talk about the businesses brought to his home of LA, or his words of empowerment to young people? Or the fact that first and foremost he was a family man?

He was the entrepreneur who was brazen enough to sell copies of his mixtape for $100 a pop while everyone laughed – until he wound up selling 1,000 copies, including 100 from Jay Z himself.

Nipsey went from the streets to unsigned rap phenom to finally landing his long-deserved deal and giving back to his community. He turned his life around and served as living proof that there is hope for young black men. That’s what we should be celebrating.

So before the ignorant among us label him a thug or another statistic, know the truth – Nip was a self-made man. And for his friends, his family and his fans, I’m furious that he has been silenced.

He earned his Victory Lap.


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