Flashback Friday: Teedra Moses and Lupe Fiasco

It’s usually on Fridays when we hop in the Wayback Machine to revisit old favorites. But today, let’s look at a couple of more recent favorites that deserve shine too. You don’t have to dig too deeply into the archives to find great music.


Teedra Moses, Cognac & Conversation (2015)

It took us 11 years to get a follow-up to Teedra’s beloved but overlooked debut but she made sure it was worth the wait. Cognac & Conversation is filled the the same lush soul and poignant writing that made Teedra a favorite in R&B circles. I have no problem saying it’s one of the best R&B releases of the past decade.

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“Cognac & Conversation,” featuring Rick Ross

“Only U,” featuring 3D Na’Tee

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Lupe Fiasco, Tetsuo & Youth (2015)

Lupe’s career has been plagued by inconsistency. For every monumental, five-star LP on his resume, another lazy, thoughtless release works. But when he’s good, he’s VERY VERY good, as he proved on Tetsuo & Youth, a release that perfectly blended his insightful commentary with lyrical dexterity. Many listeners missed this due to the large shadow cast by Kendrick Lamar’s To Pimp a Butterfly but don’t miss it – it’s well worth your time.

Also check out:



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