Flashback Friday: Kelis and Mobb Deep

Playa, this week felt about 17 days long. Let’s wrap this thang up with some good music.


Kelis, Tasty (2003)

Looking back, Kelis was really ahead of her time. Don’t get me wrong – she enjoyed her fair share of fame during her glory days, especially during the Tasty era, when her “Milkshake” was inescapable. But her eclectic sound and willingness to push musical boundaries would be embraced even more strongly today. I don’t think we appreciated just how great she truly is.

Also check out:

“Sugar Honey Iced Tea”

“Millionaire,” featuring Andre 3000

murda muzik

Mobb Deep, Murda Muzik (1999)

Prepare to feel ancient – this album will celebrate 20 years in just a few months. Lawd. Arguably one of Mobb Deep’s best releases, Murda Muzik capped off an incredible three-album run that featured some of the most memorable East Coast tracks of the 90s.

Also check out:

“It’s Mine,” featuring Nas

“U.S.A. (Aiight Then)”

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  1. Tasty was one of my favorite albums in high school! I was just listening to that album this week. So many wonderful songs. I love Flashback and Marathon.

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