Flashback Friday: B2K and Lloyd

It’s the first flashback of 2019! And what a coincidence, it’s not just me who is cashing in on the past.

This summer, B2K is launching The Millennium Tour, featuring some of the biggest hitmakers of the early 00s, including Mario, Lloyd, Bobby V, Pretty Ricky, The Ying Yang Twins and, ugh, Chingy.

There were some dark days in the early 00s.

In the spirit of the tour, let’s look back at a couple of big names who are NOT Chingy.


B2K, B2K (2002)

Remember the old Columbia House/BMG CD clubs that would hook you up with a handful of albums every few weeks on the cheap? I got this one for like $1.99 or so – right before B2K Mania became absolutely unbearable – and I was pretty shocked by how much I enjoyed it. It definitely felt like an extension of the Immature sound of my era (the nostalgia hooked me) and more than a few of the tracks have surprising lasting power. By the time their second album was rushed to shelves later in the year the wheels had already begun to fall off the B2K bus. But for a brief time, even *I* was rocking with the kiddos.

Also check out:

“Uh Huh”

“Why I Love You”


Lloyd, Southside (2004)

Lloyd completely blew me away with his most recent release Tru, one of the best albums of 2018. On his debut, he was still trying to find his sound, and hooking up with guaranteed hitmaker Irv Gotti and Murder Inc was the fasted road to success. Southside certainly isn’t flawless but it’s oozing with that nostalgia factor that the Millennium Tour maniacs will eat up.

Also check out:

“Southside” featuring Ashanti

“Hey Young Girl”

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  1. Aw, was Mario Winans not a big enough name for the tour?

    I kid. The tour does sound amazing, not gonna lie. If they could replace Chingy with, say, Ludacris, the line up would be flaw free

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