25 Albums of Christmas, Day 6: SWV, A Special Christmas

a special christmas

What’s the holidays without music? This year, our readers share their favorite Christmas albums to help you get into the holiday spirit. Check ’em out!

Gotta shout out Olu for today’s entry – SWV’s A Special Christmas is one of my mom’s Christmas staples. Olu’s definitely got good tastes.

Olu said: “Simply put, true R&B artist’s soulful voices are tailor-made for Christmas music. Their Christmas album separated itself from the pack with Coko’s incomparable, heartfelt rendition of “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas.” You *felt* every note. Listen to the rest of the album (complete with original songs) and realize why these ladies absolutely embodied the mid-90’s R&B scene. Let’s cherish that special times time when artists briefly departed from the commercially popular to bring heart & soul to the greatest holiday.”


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