Guilty Pleasures: Gucci Mane, Bruno Mars and Kodak Black, ‘Wake Up In the Sky’

We all have guilty pleasures, those songs that have no business on our iPods or the tracks we only blast with the windows rolled all the way up in our rides. In this column we share our darkest musical secrets.

Shout out to the homie Charles Williams for putting us on to this one. Gucci Mane usually triggers my Irritable Bowel Syndrome but with Bruno on board, this thang is so smooth that I want to put on my grandma’s church fur and do my AARP two-step.

Also, where did they get the clothes for this video? I need all these bedazzled blazers in my wardrobe.

What’s your guilty pleasure? Email, hit me up on Twitter @etbowser, or stop by the comments section and share your guilty pleasures. Leave a sentence or two and I’ll share your selection in a future column.


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